Article in Auto Trade Journal March 2014


Auto Repairs Navan recently joined the AutoMester full service garage concept, which was launched in Ireland last year by Hella Ireland. Owner Barry Ward ran the rule over the concept with John Loughran.

Located on Academy Street, in the centre of Navan, Auto Repairs Navan was established by Barry Ward in 2011 to offer top class repairs and servicing across across all makes and models. The company has quickly established itself in the town and has been building up a loyal customer base ever since.

In what is a tight-knit team, Barry is joined by staff members Aine Byrne, Dave Quinlan and Adam McTiuge, who play key roles in the overall success of the business.

The company is building a fine reputation for carrying out repairs and servicing in double quick time, and backing that up with very competitive pricing. It is a winning formula that is going down very well in the heart of the Royal County.

In August 2013 Barry decided that the time was right for his fledgling business to join the AutoMester full service garage concept. AutoMester is a garage concept that appeals to top independent repairers that want to join an international network of high quality garages.

Barry enthused: “The opportunity to be part of a professional garage network was hard to resist. AutoMester garages have support for all areas of their business, areas such as technical information, marketing, training and equipment.”

“Member garages benefit from exclusive branding, tailored garage software, constant training, development marketing support, strategic partnerships, technical and business support.”

Barry realised that with the increased complexity of cars that there was a need to upskill the business in order to keep abreast of the technological changes in the market. To that end he believed that joining AutoMester would allow his business to compete and prosper in a very competitive world.

Six months after joining the concept, Barry is happy to report that he made the correct decision in joining AutoMester.

“Thankfully we have been very busy since the beginning of the year. We have been building our business through word of mouth but the AutoMester branding on our premises is certainly having a positive impact,” he elaborated.

Barry explained that more and more customers are choosing repairers in the independent aftermarket that are part of a garage concept.

Being part of the AutoMester concept offers customers a level of reassurance that otherwise they wouldn’t be get from an independent garage.

“When you explain to customers that Auto Repairs Navan is part of the AutoMester network of professional repairers, they are both impressed and reassured,” Barry noted.

He added: “It has been proven that more consumers will choose and keep returning to an independent garage that is part of a garage concept, as they have confidence that their car will be worked on by fully trained professional mechanics that can successfully carry out any repair needed to their car.”

The AutoMester garage concept brings together a full service support package that can boost a garage’s individual profitability.

In that light “Workshop Manager” AutoMester’s tailored garage software is saving the company money every day.

Barry enthused: “Workshop Manager” makes daily life in the garage easier and more efficient. The software package includes fully integrated customer records, parts identification and online parts ordering, job card creation, technical information, service schedules, accounts and much more. The use of this system as an integrated part of the AutoMester garage concept has had an immediate effect on the efficiency and profitability of the garage.”

Maintaining and improving skills is an important part of the AutoMester philosophy. “Certified practical technical and management training courses help ensure that the information available is put to use efficiently with repair times reduced, leading to a more profitable garage,” Barry added.

Barry and the team won’t be resting on their laurels having joined AutoMester. Barry remarked: “AutoMester members must pass strict entry criteria and be capable of maintaining the high standards of the concept. Regular inspections are part of the quality standard.”

Importantly Barry gets lots of support from AutoMester in how best to promote the business. He concluded: “Marketing support includes marketing campaigns with local and national advertising, brochures and flyers, direct mail tools, signage, stationery, merchandising etc.”

In the AutoMester family, development of the concept together with its members is the key to creating a close partnership. To that end AutoMester offers full service support packages to the garages so they have the time to do what they enjoy most, fixing cars.

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